Firearm Accountability Auditability Blockchain Solution

Blockchain completely changes the firearms debate:

FAABS is a proposal for a Win-Win solution for moderates on both sides


Mitigating firearm misuse is the underlying goal of true gun control efforts by moderates on the Left. It’s also the best way to protect gun rights by eliminating any further push for overly restrictive legislation. Evidence shows that Accountability & Auditability (A&A) have been extremely effective at reducing gun misuse and crime. The marvel of Blockchain enables A&A to be possible, for the first time ever, without gun registration or overly restrictive controls. It can be even less restrictive than the current background check process. A solution that works for most people on both sides is a solution that may break the political stagnation and possibly affect real change. FAABS has been designed to independently work for any nation with a specific focus on the USA situation.

Gun Control Measures

Gun Rights Measures


The inventors of the FAABS technology are transferring the control of the code to a nonprofit organization under the same name. The mission of the nonprofit will be to further develop FAABS and educate interested parties on how Blockchain can be used to solve the gun control conflict.


The Blockchain code written in Solidity is published on GitHub for anyone to review and test. A book may be published soon. The book and published code would temporarily take the place of a Technical Whitepaper. With donations, a nonprofit will be created. The off-blockchain code is in the planning stage.


If you would like to support the FAABS effort, support educating more on how Blockchain might affect the discussion, support getting the book published or if you just love to support truly valuable, practical Blockchain applications, please donate below. Thank you!