Firearm Accountability Auditability Blockchain Solution

Blockchain completely changes the firearms debate:

FAABS is a proposal for a Win-Win solution for both sides


Mitigating firearm misuse is the underlying goal of true gun control efforts. It’s also the best way to protect gun rights. Accountability & Auditability (A&A) has been shown to be extremely effective at reducing gun misuse and crime. It’s a Win-Win for everyone that A&A can be accomplished without unnecessary restrictions to gun rights. The marvel of Blockchain makes this possible for the first time ever. A solution that works for both sides is a solution that can break the political stagnation and get implemented. The FAABS effort will focus on showing everyone how this is possible and enabling the technology to make it happen. FAABS has been designed to independently work for any nation.

Gun Control Measures

Gun Rights Measures


The inventors of the FAABS technology are transferring the control of the code to a nonprofit organization under the same name. The mission of the nonprofit will be to further develop FAABS and educate the world on how Blockchain can be used to solve the gun control conflict with a Win-Win solution.


The Blockchain code written in Solidity is published on GitHub and is being tested. The book will be published soon. The book and published code will take the place of a Technical white paper for the time being. The nonprofit will be created soon. The Advisory Board is in the early stage of formation. The off-blockchain code is in the planning stage.


The FAABS Co-founders have written a book with fresh perspectives and information that offers a vastly new way to view the gun control conflict — FAABS is just a small part of the book. The book shows how Accountability & Auditability dramatically reduces firearm misuse, how the public is being misled and how continuing on the present path will probably be a Lose-Lose for all: oppressive restrictions and bans with a thriving black market giving criminals and irresponsible individuals easy access to concealable fully-automatic assault weapons. The expected publication date is mid 2019. To reserve a printed copy of the limited publication of the book and be notified when available, use this link.


The two leaders of the FAABS effort are co-founders of a technology startup, VESvault.com. FAABS is a part-time, nonprofit effort to solve the gun debate problem and make the world a better place.


If you would like to support the FAABS effort, support educating more on how Blockchain might affect the discussion, support getting the book published or if you just love to support truly valuable, practical Blockchain applications, please donate below. Thank you!